Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Little Intro

So this is me, Jasmin *hi*, and this is my blog about making your own personalised jewellery.

Some of you will already know me from my new online jewellery supplies shop. I have recently started this little jewellery craft shop as I love all forms of jewellery, making and wearing!   I discovered this hobby some years ago and I am still addicted - and this type of jewellery making in particular really grabbed me because it allowed me to put my love of painting and graphic design to good use.

This blog is dedicated to this very specific kind of jewellery you can make yourself - personalised jewellery that allows you to use your own artwork or photographs, embedded in glazes and resins or sitting behind glass, to be adored and to adorn - beautiful and meaningful pieces of keepsake art that you can make yourself easily at home.  It is a hobby that is enjoyed by many people, a lot of whom have turned it into a profitable small business, and I hope this blog will go some way to convey the enthusiasm I have for the craft.

This blog will go hand in hand with my supplies shop, Jasmin Studio Crafts, and I hope it will eventually become a showcase of work, both mine and yours, and an archive of ideas and inspiration, tips and techniques that we can all contribute to. I want it to be a place where you can learn and ask questions, meet like-minded individuals and show off your latest creations.  I will be offering tutorials, reviewing new products and sharing freebies and you will be first to hear about special offers on products from my shop.

Taking my jewellery hat off now - I am also a mum to a beautiful little girl who stretches my imagination more than anything or anyone I have ever known, and fills my every day with joy.  And she is turning out to have a very crafty side too - I'll call it an added bonus.  :)

I have 1001 loves and hobbies - from dollhouse miniatures to books, to cooking to walks - but there is always something jewellery-related that seems to take over these days!

Anyway back to topic - want to learn to make gorgeous jewellery such as this?

Then, on with the show!

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