Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Petite Chiyo Earrings

It's been a busy weekend at Jasmin Studio Crafts Towers, getting more materials in, trying to get some more out, and I received a beautiful surprise in the post that made my day - I will blog about it this week.

I also made a little bit of time to make some earrings using my Japanese Chiyogami papers.  Oh my those papers, they need a whole blog to themselves!  I will give them their own dedicated post soon - in the meantime, suffice to say that if you use any precious handmade papers, you must seal your images 'till you can seal no more', else they are prone to misbehaving.

Alas, I gathered my materials,

Sealed and popped some Chiyogami paper into the bezel cup,

These babies are small, the glass measures only 8mm across - that's about the size of your small finger nail.  Photo for reference:

And lo, I had some earrings!

A perfect pair of earrings

Rather pleased with the way these turned out, wouldn't you agree?


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