Monday, 27 May 2013

What Would You Put in Yours?

As you will have realised, we love jewellery that displays little worlds and tiny treasures.  We have been playing with a few ideas for our fabulous glass vials - but we wondered, what would you put in yours?  Answers on a postcard, or leave a comment below, far easier.  The best idea will win a set of one of each of our glass vials (that is one sphere, one tube and a glass heart).

Here are some of our suggestions:

Not sure if you can see it very clearly, but there is one single dandelion clock in that tiny tube!

Teeny no-hole beads in pinks and reds

A little lock of hair - this my daughter's!

It doesn't look particularly appealing and perhaps I should have let it dry thoroughly before popping the lid on - a bit of earth from a place that I love.

What are your ideas?   Closing date for suggestions: Sunday 2nd June.


  1. i would put the sand i have which i brought home from my honeymoon

  2. Some super sparkly glitter - fairy dust. Magical! X

  3. I have three zebra finches and would put some of their colourful feathers in.

  4. Opaque light blue swarovsky crystals

  5. Some lovely moss and tiny bird eggs might work.

  6. well as a hopeless romantic ....either a lock of my daughter's hair or snippet of the fabric from the clothes she came home from hospital in and a snippet of the top I wore when she was born. Alternatively I may put some grains of lavender in there..... x

  7. An emergency spoon of instant coffee just in case!!

  8. We loved all the responses - some wonderful ideas here! - but the one that made us laugh the most was the coffee one as we so completely understand that particular need, so Paisley Parrot is declared the winner! Congratulations. Please get in touch with us at with your details.

    Thank you for playing everyone - there will be more competitions soon!

    1. Thank you very much. Email sent.

      Sue T


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