Friday, 29 August 2014

New Archive of Vintage Images

We're squealing with delight at the news of another repository of copyright-free images from old books.  See them all here.  It's a Flickr stream with an astounding 2.6m antique images, called Internet Archive Book Images (full web address:

It is an invaluable resource for historical information no doubt, but for all of us vintage-ly inspired folk, this is also an amazing source of inspiration.  Thank you to all those involved in the uploading and curating of such a wonderful and important collection.


  1. OK, This is a REALLY dumb question. How did you get those great vintage images into a circle shape?

  2. Hi Moe! That image was actually found on the archive - with the circles already in place. Normally, you would need a circle template on a programme that allows layers (such as Photoshop or Paint) so you would arrange the images behind the layer of circles.

  3. Wow…You must've been very diligent looking through those vintage images. I got up to page 35 and still didn't see any circle shaped images! Thank you!

  4. Umm, yes, we did spend quite a while in there! :D


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