Thursday, 25 August 2011

Novel Jewellery Design

Hello world!!  I am here, we have had a small break (though we didn't manage to do much more than a few day trips!) but mostly we have been at home, planning the next work effort, but mostly just 'being'.  It feels like I have been away from this blog forever, and I apologise for this - most of you will know that I have a five year old daughter, and when she is home from school, life takes on a different rhythm.  We are a little more relaxed about things, we eat a proper breakfast, we talk, and we make things.  Jewellery-making is - obviously - a favourite past time in our house, and of course, all her attempts, from threading a simple pendant to stringing a few wooden beads to make a bracelet, are met with excited "ooohs" and "aaaahs" from her very captive audience.

Recently my mini-crafter grabbed a few supplies from my spares drawer, laid them all out on the table, and announced she was going to make some wooden tile pendants.  She called me ten minutes later to show me her creation... and I let out the loudest whoop when I saw her novel approach to pendant making.

All beautifully glued together.   And the best bit?  When you get bored of wearing your pendant, you can stick it to your fridge.



  1. These are lovely, the little birds one...I would glue a earring posts onto the back :-) Cute

  2. Ha ha! I looove the idea of also gluing earring posts to the back, that's just what they need!!


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