Tuesday, 13 September 2011

New! Scrabble Tiles ...well, not quite

Finally back in the shop, beautiful wooden tiles for all your handmade jewellery. Equally as useful for making pendants, earrings or ring toppers, these are really gorgeus and easy to use.  Just Modpodge a (sealed) image to the reverse of the tile, and when dry, coat with a layer of glaze.  Done!

Actually... they are not Scrabble - I have been asking the Scrabble licence owners for some time now for their permission to supply their gamepieces (that is Mattel in the UK) to the jewellery making world, and the outcome is that they do not allow their tiles to be sold for purposes other than the game.  I think it is important to note this especially if you intend to sell your jewellery.

So we have been on the hunt for a good alternative for a long time, and having kissed many frogs, we have now found our wooden tile prince!  In all respects these tiles are just like those in the famous game: smooth and tactile, flat at the back and nicely finished, so they will be perfect for all your wooden tile jewellery.

They measure 18.5 x 20.5mm, and will suit any of our bails.  And - uhhh - just to make our crafting lives that little bit easier, matching epoxy stickers will be here soon!  :D


  1. Schweeeet. lol yes i'm sure there are laws being broken all over by people using Scrabble tiles for their pendants. thankfully for me i couldnt afford the high prices people were charging on ebay for the tiles...so i used some acrylic ones...they have no number on but hey....it's better than inferring someone with an initial V is somehow better yhan those with a vowel..it always seemed like that ti me. then again i'm a G so that's not so bad.. ;-)

  2. Fab! I could've used these a few months ago now I'm stuck with loads of scrabble tiles and knock off plastic tiles because I always over buy lol x


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