Monday, 22 July 2013

Feeling hot?

What a scorcher of a summer, and who worried that we wouldn't get one at all?  We know we did!  For those of us who can't resist a bit of crafting outdoors, some seaside stacking rings - made with our glass cabs with some easy Sharpie drawings in lively colours, and glued onto a set of pad rings.

Can you feel the sunshine?

Monday, 15 July 2013

Playing with Words

This week we have discovered a new toy - a website really, that lets you create some funky designs using your own words, favourite passages from books you love, websites, or any text...

This was what it gave us when we entered our blog address:

We can see this being a lot of fun.  With the right words, it would make some excellent backgrounds for jewellery.  And you can give form to your words...

Tagxedo works along similar lines to Wordle, which allows you to create word clouds.  Here's a link to a Wordle cloud we made earlier.  We find Wordle clouds a bit tricky to save as an image and print for the purposes of making something with them, but it is brilliant if you fancy livening up a wall with a cool new print.

We rate both apps as fab. :)