Sunday, 27 February 2011

How NOT To Make a Glass Tile Pendant Part 1 - the Runaway Ink

I have made a selection of mistakes to show you and to guide you through the main pitfalls you may encounter whilst practising this craft.  

First whoops:

This had the potential to be such a beautiful pendant - as it is, it has lost its sparkle and looks frankly a bit of a mess!  Main issue with this is that the ink on the pretty handmade paper ran like crazy...   If you use handmade papers this is something to watch out for, as the inks tend to run more than on machine printed papers.  And the blues seem to be more susceptible - at least on my Japanese papers.  So this attempt was made on purpose, to show what happens when you use papers directly without sealing them.

You see, Diamond Glaze is water based and it is also very runny - it will soak through most papers and if the inks are not waterfast the Diamond Glaze will grab them and run!   It seems to have even gobbled up the lovely golden details that bordered the flowers before:

And there is only one solution to this problem - seal your papers thoroughly before using Diamond Glaze!

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  1. Thank you SO much for your advices. I've been trying to make glass pendants for two weeks now and I didn't understand why it turned blue all the time. It was really fed up and angry because of the blue colour. Now I've ordered some ModPodge and I'm gonna continue this fight.

    By the way - I love your blog


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