Sunday, 13 March 2011

My First Attempts at Magnets

These were my first attempts at joining glass to paper - with my first bottle of Diamond Glaze I made some magnets that I was (am!) very proud of.  They still grace my fridge to this day.

In those days, I'm talking about oh a good couple of years ago, all I could find were these glass drops, they were all uneven, full of bubbles and prone to splintering, but it was a revelation to me how they would transform a simple image into something that seemed to move as my eyes glanced over it - if I moved this way, the image would move that way, if I moved that way, the image would move here - now I know this as the dimensional effect of glass, and certainly round domed glass seems to show this more than square flat glass.  There is probably a very good scientific reason for it, but I won't go investigating.  I'm guilty of always wanting to know the why of everything, but sometimes it is refreshing to just enjoy without probing.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh hello you have a blog :)

    These look great..I have only ever worked with the flatter square ones of yours in the past but I have an order with you for 3 diff lots to play about with and I think one of the square lots are dome-y :)

    Gail xxx


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