Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sizing Issues

Those of you who use our glass or stickers and trays regularly will already know that sometimes there are very slight discrepancies in size - all our items have a small percentage of tolerance by which they can vary, this is normally fine and unnoticeable, but sometimes you find that you get a piece of glass or a sticker that feels a bit loose for the tray.  This happens more often than the other way round, it would be disastrous if glass was always bigger than the tray therefore the insert is usually made just a notch below the specified size, so even a small discrepancy in size should not normally make it impossible to fit the glass or sticker into your chosen bezel.

What is a lot more common, however, is that sometimes the insert can feel slightly loose in the tray, and often, especially if you use silver plated trays, you can see the back of the tray next to the glass and it doesn't look very appealing. See here my earlier attempt with one of our brand new oval stickers - can you see the base?

The best way to correct this is very simple - just grab a black permanent marker, and off you go!

Paint the visible edge of the tray:

All the way around:

And paint the edge of the paper, taking care not to go over the sticker or glass:

And there you have it, a lovely finish!

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