Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fabulous Domes

We can't keep our hands off these wonderful domes!  The fishbowls are just amazing.  They are great as a simple display container, mini-terrariums, snowglobes and um, fish bowls!  Not that we'd recommend keeping any *real* lifeforms in there, but it would be fun to try with a bit of resin...  We will bring you that tutorial when it's ready!

For now we have popped these on rings and dangled them from button lids.  The main thing to note is the opening size, as you will need settings of the same size as the opening.  The fishbowls are available in three sizes:

- 20 x 12mm (that means the orb measures 20mm across and the opening is 12mm so this one will be great for our 12mm rings and earrings)
- 25 x 16mm (perfect for our 16mm rings and earrings and button lids)
- 30 x 20mm (rings of this 20mm size are coming soon, but we do have button lids)

The button lids look like this:

All they need is a jump ring and a chain, and you will have a fab dangly bowl.

The most difficult decision will be what to put inside! We have been seeing a lot of dandelion jewellery lately and love its flowy ethereal quality:

But ahh, confetti from a memorable day!  Poppy and bright and in your face and just perfect.

In the coming days we will be experimenting with liquids so keep a look out for new projects and ideas!

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