Monday, 20 May 2013

Shrink Plastic Jewellery

We have now started selling amazing shrink plastic.

Here are some quick instructions on what we do:

  • choose the right product for your purposes: Shrinkles Shrink Art will be good for stamping and drawing; Shrinkjet for printing from an inkjet printer
  • use permanent inks (thin lines work best) or coloured pencils (not soft or waxy).  For the black shrink plastic, metallic pens work well

  • cut your artwork around the shape of the design.  The plastic may not shrink evenly so you may not get a perfect circle or square, even if you use a craft punch, but free flow shapes will be great
  • make any holes you may need for jump rings at this stage (a standard hole punch 7mm away from the edge is good for this)
  • preheat your oven to 175oC, 350oF, Gas Mark 3
  • prepare a flat and smooth baking tray by lining it with foil and a layer of baking parchment.  High walled baking trays will not work well here.
  • the makers recommend a book but we like to warm up a pan a little bit and have another piece of baking parchment nearby.
  • pop your piece onto the cool baking tray and in the oven.  You will see it curl up and then flatten. 
  • once flat again remove the baking tray from the oven, immediately cover your piece with parchment paper and press the warmed pan over it.  If the pan is hot it could burn your piece - keep it warm only - the idea is that your piece will be kept warm enough by the pan to flatten completely.
  • carefully remove the piece and leave to cool
  • at this point you can tidy up any sharp edges or uneven shape with a file
  • use a couple of coats of ModPodge to seal the image
  • we also like to apply a top layer of glossy accents onto the image for a glossy, resin-y look
  • glue/thread onto the jewellery of your choice
We will add some photos of the process soon - in the excitement we forgot to take any good ones!  Now we have to have another making session all over again.  Ah, well.  A perk of the job. :)

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