Thursday, 2 May 2013

VAT and a 20% Bank Holiday Discount

We are now VAT-registered which means we have to charge VAT on all our products – this will entail a price increase in a number of items as standard rate VAT (20%) has to be added onto the product price.  Nobody likes a price rise really, hence we will try to absorb as much of the increase as we can and bear the costs ourselves.  Regrettably we don't have a lot of room to manoeuvre on this, so for some of our items you will see a little increase in prices. 

For the moment, our website and checkout system will not change (though we are working towards a funky new website!). So for now, your shopping experience will remain the same.  If you are a VAT registered business however and require VAT invoices please get in touch and we will be happy to issue these accordingly.

Whilst we set the wheels in motion and update the current website with the new prices we thought you would appreciate a little bit of a discount.  So from now until midnight on Bank Holiday Monday (6th May) you have a chance to get a 20% discount across all items in the shop!   If you are quick, you can get the discount on our pre-VAT prices too!  The code to use at checkout is SPRING20.

And just to explain, only a small number of items will increase by the full VAT rate of 20% as we will try to minimise the impact where possible - but even if the full 20% has been applied, a 20% discount on an item with VAT added will always be cheaper than the pre-VAT price - that is to say, imagine a £1 item needs to have VAT at 20% added, so it then costs £1.20.  But with our 20% offer this Bank Holiday weekend, the price you pay is £0.96.  Or if you snap it up before the VAT increase, you only pay £0.80!  

We do apologise again for the bare appearance of our blog and FB – we are busy with the new website and grappling with new-found taxes, but promise we will be back to full creative flow soon with some fun projects and exciting new products!  Ok, here’s a clue:

Yes, they are here!!

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend everyone!

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