Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Loving the stickers

I do love these epoxy stickers - as if you hadn't noticed.  I'm putting them on everything!  I think that for those who struggle with the glass and the glaze and the bubbling and the waiting for the thing to dry, these provide a superb alternative.  

Admittedly the resin is a plastic so a piece made using an epoxy sticker will feel different to one made with glass - it's very light in comparison whereas glass feels very solid, it's domed also but not quite as high as the glass, and it has a definite, um, plasticky feel in contrast to the cool smooth glass. All those things are to be expected.  What is unexpected is the clarity of these little stickers!  they are superb over any images.  

I made some pendants with the stickers, to show you the differences:

Glass (l), sticker (r)

 The two glass pendants (l), two sticker pendants (r)

Slightly different effect of the two materials - glass (l), sticker (r)

This close-up shows the sticker (r) is also domed, but not quite as much as the glass (l).

I think for all their qualities, these stickers are particularly suited to projects where you need a lighter end result that is tough and unbreakable, pieces such as charm bracelets, keyrings, magnets and all other things that can suffer from knocks and where being dropped could be disastrous!   And they are so easy to use, they would make ideal first projects, easy enough for even quite small children to make their own (with grown-up assistance of course!).

Find the stickers in the shop:  Currently available in 25mm round and square, plain or with a light dusting of glitter.  More sizes coming soon!  Or try the amazing quality stainless steel dogtags.  

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