Wednesday, 12 November 2014

We're Open for Business!

We are very excited to announce the opening of our shop!  Yes we now have a proper bricks and mortar shop which you can visit for all your jewellery bits and bobs. We are in Streatham, South London and our shop is literally seconds away from Streatham Common Railway station.  This little shop has been several months in the planning but we are glad that we can finally open our doors!

We would like to share some photos with you:

you will recognise us by the light blue shop front

we sell all our glass in individual pieces as well as the usual bigger packs

and we now stock a huge range of ready-made cabochons in a variety of materials... 

...a lot of which fit into our standard settings...

which are now also available singly or in our usual pack sizes

but wait, there's more.... a hint on the photo above!

yes, we have beads! 

very many beads!

 a huge range in fact

in several colourways and very many styles and sizes

as well as a collection of chains and strings, and bead strands

The shop sells a number of items either individually or in larger packs, and if you want to continue to take advantage of the wholesale discounts available through the website, you can also request that your website order be sent here and we will get it ready for you to collect the next day. 

So if you are anywhere near London, do pay us a visit.  We look forward to meeting every one of our website customers in person after all these years of being a web-only presence!

We are at:
4 Greyhound Lane
London SW16 5SD
(practically opposite Streatham Common Railway Station)



  1. congratulations on the new shop, it looks amazing. will pop in if I'm ever near by.

  2. I live nearby, and whenever i drive past i really want to come in. it is tricky finding parking there though. it looks amazing, however, do you only sell beads? u r probably my closest craft store. are you thinking of expanding the amount of craft items u have? if yes then i will definetely be knocking on your door! :)

    1. I agree with you on the parking! It's getting harder to find a space, however, we generally find somewhere that's within a couple of minutes walk in the residential streets nearby - there are no restrictions other than in those streets nearest to the station. We sell jewellery making items - a few items cross over into other crafts but jewellery is really our focus - it's not just about beads however! There are lots of jewellery items that don't involve beads, so do pop in when you next drive past and see what we do! :)


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