Saturday, 18 May 2019

We are moving back online!

All change! Yep, it’s true, our little bead shop in Streatham will be closing soon after five wonderful years, and we are moving back online.

Whilst we will be very sorry to say good bye to all the new friends we have made during our time at the shop, we are very much looking forward to a new way of working that fits better with our aims and our families. 

Why are we closing the shop?  Well for some time we had lost that elusive balance…  The shop took up a huge amount of time – we won’t miss all that bagging up and pricing of tiny things that we spent hours and hours doing!  On a personal note, one that I think our jewellery-making friends will understand, is that whilst I have truly loved having the shop and sharing my passion for the craft, running both the shop and the website meant it left me no time whatsoever for my own jewellery making and that was certainly not part of the plan! Sometimes in life you have to design your own balance and for me this is it.

There is also a whole other discussion to be had, one that I feel very strongly about, which relates to the pressures facing small businesses in general but particularly those that have a presence on the high street – this is important for everyone who cares about diversity in their own town centres and local parades, and it really needs to be talked about, so please keep the mantra going:  


We think our last day in the shop will most likely be Saturday May 25th (still a few bits of paperwork to go before we can confirm this) [It has been delayed! we will let you know a date as soon as we know.] and we should then spend the following week moving our stock – we won’t be able to ship online orders whilst we are moving but will let you know the moment we are back to normal schedules. As we have our stock scattered over two locations already, online orders placed now may be delayed by a day or two– thank you for your understanding!

And good news for our online customers - there will be a lot of new shop items and a huge sale coming to the website soon. These new items will be available whilst stocks last – in fact the plan is to gradually move away from having a permanent range. Our lines of supply have changed a lot in the past couple of years and we can no longer guarantee a steady supply of stock items. To negotiate these changes in production on so many items is more than we can handle! So our focus from now on will be on selling one-off pieces and unusual finds. The traditional ranges we have been selling on the website will continue to be available for a time.

This new arrangement will give us the chance to be at fairs and run the odd pop up shop, something we are really looking forward to. I also intend to teach again and possibly also continue the popular jewellery repair service we ran at the shop – lots of details still to be worked out, but if you want to check in with us or ask us anything, do email at

We hope you will keep in touch and visit us online! 

Thank you all, and much love,

Jasmin x

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