Thursday, 16 June 2011

Friends' Makes - Tynemouth Collectables

When I set off on this little adventure at the start of the year, I was excited to find out that there were people out there who agreed with me that glass tile jewellery is a really satisfying way to present your favourite art.  And soon I was talking to all sorts of wonderful crafters and jewellery makers - every one of them an artist in a different way.  There has been one person whom I have been talking to since the very beginning and who is quickly becoming a good friend - although we have never met in person!  Her name is Vicky, she runs Tynemouth Collectables, a jewellery business, and makes beautiful pieces using some of the items from my shop, as well as some carefully sourced papers and images.  Look at this beauty:


And this striking image on the bag hanger:

Vicky was also the person who sent me that stunning pendant she had made earlier in the year, which I'm still wearing!

She is a devoted crafter and a talented artist - and now I have discovered that she has the patience to put up with my ranting when my life gets hairy! 
Vicky has big plans for her business and I am in no doubt that her own adventure into jewellery making will be a successful one.  I know she is now diversifying into steampunkery, so keep an eye on her website

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