Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bright Idea - A Blackboard Pendant

Super easy to make and a cute way to wear your own message.  These pendants use the new wooden tiles available in the shop, backed by a pendant tray and simply hung from a chain.

Here's how I did it.  Gather your supplies - here we have 25mm round wooden tiles, 25mm pendant trays, blackboard paint, paintbrush, E6000 glue, and of course, chalk!

This stuff is thick and gooey and quite smelly - make sure you cover all surfaces well!

Simply cover your tiles with a good few coats of the paint.  Blackboard paint generally covers well but a few coats will show less of the grain through.  Ok, I skimped and only did one!  I was in a hurry!

When it is completely dry, you can glue it to your choice of tray - here I have used a round silver plated tray.  I find E6000 glue is ideal for this as it will hold fast, or you can use any superglue type of adhesive that you may have at home.

When that is dry, you can hang it from your favourite chain.  I have added a little ribbon and a little felt heart rubber to this one.  Finally, use a sharpened chalk (use sandpaper to get a fine point on your chalk) to draw your message, package simply in a cellophane bag with a teeny bit of chalk and give freely!  

With a tiny bit of supervision (especially around the paint and the glue) you can easily let your kids make them as original gifts for their teachers now that the end of year is almost here.  Let them state proudly "here you go Miss, I made this one for you!"


  1. Awesome!!!! Ooh you could use the fine tipped chalk markers so that the chalk doesn't rub off :-D

  2. Great! I have two questions: do you sell blackboard paint? How did you add the ribbon to the necklace?
    Thank you!

  3. Unfortunately I don't sell blackboard paint at the moment, but it is easy to find in any craft or DIY shop. The ribbon is tied to the finished necklace and then I a tiny drop of strong glue to the knot itself so it doesn't undo. :)


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