Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Purple Alert! Diamond Glaze Stocks Diminishing!!

**Edit:  As of July 19th, DG is back in stock!!**

A few worry-filled days since we heard from the UK distributor of Diamond Glaze that there is no Diamond Glaze to be had!  All run out!!!  And we were lucky to grab the very last box!  As we all know it's our most popular glue product so we only have a handful of 60ml bottles in stock.  We hear that the new supply of Diamond Glaze is being bottled up as I type so hopefully there won't be anything to panic about.

But what if it does run out just before your very important craft fair??  What are you supposed to do?!?

First off relax - there are options.  Consider different sized bottles, from the large 296ml one to the giant 532ml refill bottle.  That's nearly a pint of Diamond Glaze!

Another option you may not have considered, and which I personally think is brilliant, is DG3.  There will be a better introduction to DG3 in the near future, but I love love love it.  I see it as the next generation of the original Diamond Glaze and it can be used in exactly the same way but it does more in that it can also be used layered, to fill bezels, just like a resin. It seems to have less bubbles than the original DG too and it dries beautifully clear.  

DG3, ready to save the world of craft

The bottles cost more at £9.50, but you do get a bigger bottle at 120ml which is exactly twice the size of the standard Diamond Glaze, so ml for ml (or fl oz for fl oz if you're imperially inclined) it actually works out cheaper.

So if the worst comes to the worst, don't panic, there are options!

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